July 2, 2016
airport Boľkovce, Slovakia
4th round of Slovakian, 4th round of Hungarian drag racing championship

Drag racing - cars/bikes 1/8 mile - 201m
Car Fans Cup 2016 - 3. round of international styling championship / show&shine, limbo...
Audi dB, Stunt show...

8.30 : Gate opening
8.30 : Start registration
9.30: Start qualification
12.00: End of registration – Motorcycles
12.00: Streetfighter show
13.00 : Finals - Motorcycles
13.45 : Awards ceremony - Motorcycles
14.00: Streetfighter show
15.00 : End of registration – Cars
17.00 : Finals – Cars & „SUPERFINAL“
18.00 : Awards ceremony – Cars

Fee: 8€ /person
Start payment: 10€ / drag car - unlimited number of measured drive
Timekeeping: profesional drag racing timekeeper (reaction time, 60feet, 1/8 mile, V-Max) with automatic launch system and timeslip
Registration payment to Car Fans Cup: 0€

Applications to be submitted to the race venue at race registration. There is no need to pre-send, as well as the forms are available on site and all registration is organized on the event day.

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CarAT Tuning party, 11.June, airport Piešťany
3rd round of slovakian drag racing championship

Winners - drag racing 1/4 mile:
P2: Jiří Nikl (Citroen BX)
P3: Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo)
P4: Martin "MEXX" Friedschroder (Karmann Ghia)
P5: Pavol Buček (Tiger racing)
P6: Damian Szczygiel (Toyota MR2 TDi)

S0: Andrej Rýs (Škoda Rapid)
S1: Vladimír Vavrek (Fiat Punto GT)
S2: Vlado Kocúr (Daewoo Nexia)
S3: Lukáš Bobik (Honda Civic turbo)
S4: Ivan Šoltýs (Porsche GT3 RS)
S5: Robert Matysiak (Nissan GTR)
S6: Tomáš Lupták (Seat Leon)
S7: Ivana Kabátová (BMW 335xD) S

Superfinal winners:
1. Martin "MEXX" Friedschroder (Karmann Ghia)
2. Robert Matysiak (Nissan GTR)
3. Ondrej Vasičák (Audi RS6)

M1: Šimon Švarba (Yamaha R6)
M2: Ondrej Cerovský (Suzuki GSX-R)
M3: Štefan Szabó (Kawasaki ZZR1400)
M4: Stano Poživenec (Suzuki GSX-R)
M5: Krzystof Dziura (Kawasaki)