POWER FEST, 1st May, circuit Slovakia Ring
1st round of slovakian drag racing championship

Winners - drag racing 1/8 mile:
P2: David Metzner (Fiat Cinquecento turbo) Poland
P3: Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo) Slovakia
P4: Robert Nagy (drag Tatra) Slovakia
P5: Matej Káčer (Honda CRX) Slovakia
P6: Hegyi Béla (VW Polo) Hungary

S0: Tomáš Drexler (Škoda Favori) Czech republic
S1: Pintér László (Fiat Punto GT) Austria
S2: Marian Nemec (Honda Integra) Slovakia
S3: Tomáš Trzuba (Fiat Coupe Turbo) Slovakia
S4: Matej Farkaš ( Audi 90 Quattro ) Slovakia
S5: Zsolt Jóba (Nissan GTR) Slovakia
S6: Michal Gécy (Seat Leon) Slovakia
S7: Jakub Michalka (Alfa Romeo 156) Slovakia

Superfinal winners:
1. Tomáš Polonec (Fiat 127 turbo) Slovakia
2. Zsolt Jóba (Nissan GTR) Slovakia
3. Milan Bartek (Audi S8) Slovakia

M1: Lukáš Schiffer (Yamaha R6) Slovakia
M2: Ondrej Cerovský (Suzuki GSX-R 750) Slovakia
M3: Radovan Mačai (Yamaha R1) Slovakia
M4: Ondrej Cerovský (Kawasaki ZX10R) Slovakia
M5: Markus Rottensteiner (Honda CBR 1000RR) Austria

Best ET of the race (1/8 mile):
cars: Erik Fehér ( Nissan Skyline): 6,883 @ 176km/h
bikes: Markus Rottensteiner (Honda CBR 1000RR): 5,86 @ 212km/h

results drifting:
1.Magyar Tamás, Mercedes (HU), 2.Petri Róbert, BMW (HU), 3.Franz Kuncic Nissan (A), 4.Bimbó József, BMW (HU)

results car Fans Cup:

drag results:




Slovak Drag Racing Championship 2017

Greetings to all fans of drag racing and represents another year of championship in categories:
Automobile STREET, Automobile PROFI and Motorcycles.

Annual Driver's license SAMŠ - FIA is not required on each race day licenses are issued.
Entries to the race should not be sent in advance.

Race calendar:
1 May - Slovakia Ring: Power fest - DRAG, DRIFT & TUNING majales
1/8-mile drag racing, international drift event, show&shine meeting Car Fans Cup, Subaru meeting
17 Juny - airport Piešťany: CarAT tuning party
1/4-mile drag racing, drift, tuning meeting
8 July - airport Boľkovce: Power fest
1/8-mile drag racing SK&HU championship round, show&shine meeting Car Fans Cup, stunt show
12 August - airport Svidník: Tuningzraz Svidník
1/4-mile drag racing, tuning meeting
2 September - Hungaroring: Dragracing.hu / Power fest
1/8-mile drag racing - SK&HU championship round
16 September - airport Trenčín: Power fest - DRAG WARS CZ vs.SK
1/4-mile drag racing, SK&CZ championship round, US Car meeting

Changes compared to the previous years can be found in this document with red marking.
" General rules"

Of course, the year 2017 will be measured with professional NHRA homologation equipment with output timeslip and automaticaly launch signalization.